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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Money, Money, Money

Today I want to talk with you about money... There I said it. It's been a real burden for me to even think about talking to you about this topic. 
Money and the topic of finances has been abused and misrepresented throughout Western Christianity during my lifetime. The bulk of finances that I've witnessed coming into ministry is spent on making us more comfortable. It's like, we need a bigger, more modern, more whatever church for the same peeps that we've always had and we aren't going to be satisfied until we're all in recliners with cup holders for our sweet tea and coffee. It just feels so filthy to me to mention money in any way. Because it might turn off the non-believer because they've only seen the TV guy begging for money for “missions” as he stands before them in a pair of cuff links that are bigger than your wifes wedding ring, a Rolex with a diamond bezzle and a Maseratti or whatever in the parking lot that he parks in front of his multi-million dollar home.  And the de-churched, the peeps who grew up with church and told the church,"no thanks" a while back...they would just be reminded of a time when they or their parents were told to give and give for this thing that has yet to be delivered. They likely feel robbed and they feel jobbed.
What's been revealed to me is that by avoiding this topic, I was robbing you of a biblical indicator of your spiritual health; which is invaluable in the context of our culture.
What I mean is that in certain cultures you don't really need to look at a person's wallet, because you can see through the lens of life. For instance, if people hate you because you are a Christian and you still proclaim Christ and “go”, as he said go being a witness... and you still rock your favorite Christian tee shirt unashamed and fearlessly, then you're in. No one is saying about you, "I don't know", "such a hypocrite".
In our context of Western Christianity, the line between intellectual knowledge and a life that is transformed is almost non-existent.  Because in our culture everyone KNOWS, but very few walk it out and live it.
In our environment how you spend your money is a telling indicator of your spiritual health and well being according to the scriptures.
In the coming days I'll be making an appeal for your hearts, not your money. Because you'll see shortly that the Bible is going to say that your wallet will call you a liar before anyone else can or will. How you spend your money will reveal in you what you truly value and what you actually worship.
Stay tuned as I'll attempt to get through this line of thought before the end of the week.  Thanks for visiting. Keep the faith and wear the crown! Holla!

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