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P. Jas.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Stewardship Versus Ownership

Hello Friends! Today I want to add a bit to what I said in my last post about you and your money.
Hopefully by now you understand that the enriched life comes for the believer in that we understand that we don't own, we steward. With that in mind, if God takes things away, we won't be threatened by it. Have you ever considered how many of your fears, how much of the complexity of your life revolves around this idea of money? You live in a terribly dangerous place when it comes to this idea. Because much of what you're “supposed”to provide for your family is foolishness.
I've heard it said that, "I just want to give my kid every opportunity". Listen. Please don't. Have you ever been around a kid that has had every opportunity? NO ONE likes that child. Am I wrong? Kids who've never been told, “no”...do you know how they turn out? Usually on the 11 o'clock news. Really though when has being given every opportunity really ever worked out well? Train them. That's what the Bible says to do. Then there is the pressure to look a particular way, and to drive the right vehicle and live in the right home in the right neighborhood, and on and on. This is what we call that keeping up with the Jones's mentality that is not so overt, but covert, which makes it even more dangerous. Are you realising today how silly it is for you to feel better or worse about yourself based on what you drive, what you have or don't have, where you live, or what labels you can wear?  You're letting THOSE things define you? That's both sad and foolish.
An enriched life is one that understands that God has dealt with us according to His abundant grace and generosity. So become stewards, not owners. This will free you from a million trivialities that choke the life out of most peeps. Don't be on this quest for more, more, more, and more...not with respect to "stuff". Seriously, it's all going to end up at a dump somewhere, or a garage sale sooner or later.  Become stewards of the ministry of reconciliation. That is enriching. The money and the stuff that He has given to you have been given to you to make much of Him.  So that you'll live rich and purpose filled lives. Everything has eternal significance. Every dollar spent has eternal ramifications.
I'll be back in my next post to attempt to wrap this topic.  Keep the faith and wear the crown. Holla!

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