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Friday, January 11, 2013

The 65%

Two days ago I heard on the radio that of 10,000 HS students in the Philadelphia, PA school district 6,500 of them have a sexually transmitted disease. WOW! 65% of a sample of students have an STD. My question is, why are 65% of our students engaging in sex acts? Where are their parents? Where are the responsible adults that were around and in my business when I was a teen? Where are the men and women of conscience that would not only say, "enough!", but would also create, facilitate, and see through a plan of action to prevent such horrific and alarming statistics? Is this even in the neighborhood of being the best that we can do? I suppose handing out condoms and educating on the dangers of sex has not worked. So, what now? I'll tell you what now. We the people get upset enough about the horror that is our youth (soon to be adult members of society, by the way),and DO something besides handing out condoms and having nice little chats where whatever they want to do is fine with us, as long as they are "safe". We the people need to get off of our lazy, apathetic, shoulder shrugging, self right behinds and DO something. We need to teach our future who they should be. Teach our future how they should behave. Teach our future that the path that they are walking leads to nowhere. Parents, this is for you. Empower your friends, neighbors, relatives, schools, communities of faith, and even your children's peers to get involved and say something when they see wrong going on. Christ followers, this is for you. BE a Christ follower! Get out of your isolationist mindset. Make some disciples. Stop waiting for permission to preach/live the Gospel of Christ. If your rap is, "I'm not called to that.", then you need to go back to where you first believed, because you clearly missed something. We are ALL called to reconcile the world to God through Christ. We are all called to action and to prayer and fasting for the healing of our land. "IF my people who are called by my Name will fast and pray and seek my face and turn from their wickedness, THEN I'll hear from heaven and forgive their sins and heal their land" If we were doing so without ceasing, I cannot believe I'd have need to be so outraged that I'd need to pen this entry. "Holy Rollers" (you know who you are), this is for you. You say that you want to see the power of God being displayed in the Earth today. Well so do I. So does the Earth and the people of the Earth. The Bible says that the Earth is groaning in expectation for the revealing of the son's of God. Be a son, oh adopted one! How about this? Make disciples! Being born again is the most miraculous, fantastic, and amazing thing that a person can experience. What could be more supernatural?1? "Fringe Christian", this is for you. Get off of the bench and start playing the game. We are all playing injured and bruised. There are no bench warmers in Christ. Again, He told us to GO! So GO already! Don't know how? Just take a chance and let God do what He does. Clearly, I am fed up with hearing about all of the absolute and utter foolishness that is wreaking havoc in our nation's schools. There is an answer to the problems. That answer begins with you. That answer is you. If not you, then who? DO SOMETHING. I love you with the love of the Lord. Keep the faith and wear the crown. Holla!

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