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Wow, you made it. Welcome to my blog. I trust that what I say here will be thought provoking and beneficial to you in some way shape or form. It's my desire to share with you what I've learned regarding navigating this journey we call life. Perhaps you can glean something from some passage of mine.
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Peace is the presence of the goodness of God.
P. Jas.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A few thoughts concerning signs and wonders

I'm just gonna go...you ready? Signs and wonders are relevant to the problems that people face. Our greatest problem as humanity is that we are alienated from our Creator and God. Every other power aside from reconciliation, no matter how mighty or awesome is inferior to it; because it directly addresses our problem. So that being said, the gospel of Jesus Christ is the ultimate power of God to mankind. Choose to use it and grow in power.

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