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Wow, you made it. Welcome to my blog. I trust that what I say here will be thought provoking and beneficial to you in some way shape or form. It's my desire to share with you what I've learned regarding navigating this journey we call life. Perhaps you can glean something from some passage of mine.
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May God keep you. Wear the crown!

Peace is the presence of the goodness of God.
P. Jas.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Everyone Follow's Someone

Everyone won't follow me. No matter how compelling, intriguing, or otherwise engaging that I am. Everyone won't follow. This is also true of sheep. In a shepherds flock only a few sheep actually follow the shepherd. The rest follow another sheep; usually the sheep that are following the shepherd.
It's important that as we follow Jesus that we do just that... follow Him. That should be obvious. I understand that there will be times that we cannot see Him clearly enough to follow. In these cases and in these times we should follow someone else who is following Jesus that can see Him clearly from where they stand.
Needless to say if we can do this we like the rest of the flock will live in a place of relative safety and peace. Selah.
Keep the faith and wear the crown.Open-mouthed

Secret tellingPeace is the presence of the goodness of God.
P. Jas.

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Aubrey said...

I pretty much LOVE the 180 band picture that is on the ecconnect website!!...
but I'm sad Im not in it!.. =/ bittersweet I guesss. =)Im glad to be back for a month tho!! =) I pretty much missed gettin to chillax with you guys!!